No Goals - No Glory

... to paraphrase the U.S. Air Force 

I didn’t mean to misquote the Air Force, but perhaps simply to get your attention. And this is a topic that cries for attention. Nobody wants to do it. Most organizations don’t want to stop their forward momentum to figure out where the heck they’re going. 

Maybe repeating that last phrase would be a good idea: “…stop their forward momentum to figure out where the heck they’re going.” So often small businesses and nonprofits simply continue to move forward, to keep on keeping on, turning the wheels and taking care of business, without taking the time to regroup and reconsider the destination and the resources needed to get there. And, most important, how they’ll measure their progress to the goal.

One of the most common problems I see every week with nonprofits and small businesses is inability to measure performance because no one ever articulated the desired results. How can you measure your “success” when you never described “success”? It’s easy to skip that step, maybe even just “human nature.” I submit, however, that your “organizational nature” will be much improved – and its success measurable – if you will pause to set goals. Specific goals allow for measurement of success, which allows for course correction leading to greater success.

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Your Brand: Clarify it, Polish it, Protect it!

It's worth the effort.

Whether you’re a big, powerful corporation, a tiny nonprofit struggling to be heard, or a small business hoping to grow, you have a brand, and it’s worth some attention and valuable staff time. Failure to pay attention to how your staff or membership or reps are communicating about your organization is a pretty sure indicator that, eventually, if not already, your brand is going to be fuzzy, feckless or forgotten. Does it matter? Only if you hope to have a future.

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Retain your Customer Base

But don't expect the work to do itself.

I think we all agree on this: It is less costly and more profitable to retain the customers you have than to convert new ones. Everyone says it, and I think we all believe it. But do we pay only lip service to it?  With competition for attention, money and loyalty, it behooves every company, association and nonprofit to consciously work to retain their current customers.

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Here’s the Skinny on TV Commercials

Maybe I should just get a life...

Recently I made a bold assertion to my friend with whom I often commiserate about the ills of the world, Citizens United, Seattle traffic, and the price of tea in China. I said something reckless like this: “You know, almost every commercial I see on TV is for a drug or medication – just one after another. It looks like big pharma owns the airwaves.” The next day I thought, Boy! Was that irresponsible! Do you know it to be true?

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Writing Great Marketing Copy

Get attention and drive action 

Isn’t it every marketing professional’s dream to write unforgettable copy that gets attention – real attention? Even if you have no aspirations to marketing fame (or even if you’re not a marketing professional but you’re just stuck “doing the marketing”) you want to write copy that will get attention and cause your readers to take action.

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5 things Pokemon GO can teach us about marketing in today's world

Guest Feature, reposted with permission from the blog of Peter Bolognese, ProForma Brand X

(I have not yet met Peter, but I will soon at the conference that has brought us together though email. I have been so impressed by his professionalism, thoroughness and friendliness, that I asked to borrow some of his wisdom from time to time.)

Over the past week or so, you may have noticed an increase in the number of kids running through your yard talking about PokéStops and Pikachu’s (or who knows, maybe you’ve been running all over trying to catch ‘em all). Pokémon GO has swept the nation and captured the attention of children and adults alike. Here are a few things we can learn about marketing in today’s world from this unique game.

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