• Your value proposition

  • Your target market

  • Your message

  • Your goals – and a plan to reach them


  • A philosophy that works – putting money to work to improve the world

  • A focus on the players who want and ought to be in that space

  • An approach that has won immediate and long-term success


  • Drafting of original documents

  • Editing of fiction or nonfiction from the highest organizational level through clarification, correction, fine-tuning and final copy editing

  • Ghost writing – discreetly, in your voice

We promise to

  • Impose absolute correctness without intruding on creativity

  • Carefully consider every sentence, phrase, word and graphic – every one, every time

  • Make your project our top priority when it’s on our screen, under our scrutiny, in our care

  • Offer brutally honest feedback and advice, even if it makes you mad

  • Treat your brand as if it were our own

What can we do for you?

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The Tamarack team

My associates and I have amassed nearly 100 years of experience as writers, editors, strategic thinkers and planners, designers and marketers. Imagine the grammatical precision of your best high school English teacher combined with the unbridled creativity of a four-year-old and the smarts of that geek who got straight A’s in middle school. That’s us. We target our words and artistry to render an outstanding communication result for you.

Lynn G1600.jpg

Lynn Gerlach


Lynn’s communication career has spanned four decades, including numerous books brought to publication through her expert editing and ghostwriting, community college teaching, the preparation of 400+ resumes, successful marketing and fundraising for nonprofits, and communication teaching and coaching. Lynn is available as a speaker or communication facilitator in addition to the other services offered under the Tamarack tree.